Bacterial DNA

Jennifer Newton


DNA is an intriguing topic that has many different aspects that all play a crucial role in the life of every organism. More so, bacterial DNA is a topic that has been studied a multitude of times and there are still many unanswered questions concerning the DNA of bacteria. Bacterial DNA is incredibly versatile. It can activate immunity in plants¹, the ligase found in bacterial DNA is different from eukaryotic DNA², and the topology of bacterial DNA plays a role in infectious diseases³. Every day, more and more research is being done by scientists and microbiologists on bacterial DNA which leads to a surplus of academic papers being written on the topic. Due to the large amount of papers being written and easily accessible, it is becoming increasingly easy for undergraduate students to expand their knowledge of cell and molecular biology. In the future, it will also be very easy for more concise research to be done on cell biology because many of the future scientists will go into their professional fields with a good amount of background knowledge and the ability to critically think about topics in their specific scientific fields.

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