Implications of LEP and LEPR Within the Human Body Pertaining to Obesity

Camren Z. Branch


The critical examination of the following study by Fairbrother aims to review the current information on genes and their expression regarding their involvement with obesity. With a specific focus on the genes LEP and LEPR, an underlying basis of contextualization, interpretation, and totality are implemented to further the comprehension on just how essential these genes are as a causative agent of glucose levels and metabolism regulation, thus impacting body weight. Variants in genes are present and their involvement in signaling pathways present that monogenic variants are contributive in obesity. Identifying such genes that are responsible for severe obesity and the distinction between types of obesity is now conflated as rare and common obesity share similarities of variants across the general population. This is not unforeseen as leptin is a complex protein; such technological advancements in genotype and their sequencing allows them to be associated with a character for all variants.

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