High Blood Pressure

Kori Davis-Rowe


In today’s society sickness and disease has grown enormously and continues to get worse as the days go by. Even with the medications and treatments that have been created by scientist and doctors, these issues are common reasons for many deaths within our country. One major issue that American citizens are dealing with is having High Blood Pressure, scientifically known as hypertension. This is a condition that deals with high forces of blood moving against the artery wall. The blood is being forcefully pumped out of the heart harder which contributes to a lot of diseases and illnesses that potentially can be life threatening. Most of the time symptoms of this illness are not easy to recognize, unless you become at a life-threatening level and can experience symptoms that make you concerned. Within this chapter you will learn about the history, causes, life-threatening symptoms, and also the treatments that can help to lower blood pressure and get it at a controllable level that doctors feel comfortable with.

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