Putting the pH in EutropHication: Exploring the effect of pH on Eutrophication on the Dolese

Amber Laferriere, Mitchell Meyer, Mercedes Mace, Kayla King, Kaytlyn Goodwin


Bodies of water that are exposed to basic and acidic products have different dissolved oxygen content, algal growth, and biodiversity. We questioned which products that we could add to the water samples would cause eutrophication. Our control group consisted of water samples without any added products. We added baking soda to the base groups of our experiment and vinegar to the acidic group and measured the dissolved oxygen along with the pH level. We hypothesize that the further the pH of the stream gets from 7, the less dissolved oxygen and diversity of producer species will be present because of eutrophication which is an increase of activity among decomposers. This is important because it will help in preventing the eutrophication of bodies of water.


eutrophication, pH, algae, Oklahoma, water

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Chen, Celia Y. and Edward G. Durbin. 1994. Effects of pH on the growth and carbon uptake of marine phytoplankton. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 109: 83-94.


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