Relationship Between Dissolved Oxygen Levels and Algae Concentration

Gage Calhoon, Rachel Beam, Mattie Atha, Kaytlyn Goodwin


When examining different sections of a stream, it was noted that the dissolved oxygen levels at certain points were different than other sections (French, 2014). In an attempt to explain what environmental factor was causing the fluctuation of dissolved oxygen between a point upstream from a pond, a point in the pond, and a point downstream from the pond, we tested the varying concentrations of algae and how it correlated to the oxygen levels at those points. We desired to obtain support for the hypothesis that concentrations of algae and dissolved oxygen are directly related. Testing dissolved oxygen levels and concentrations of algae organisms, by counting random samples under a microscope and using Vernier spectrometer to investigate levels of green light reflection, we were able to display the relationship between the dissolved oxygen levels and algae concentration. The results of our research may be applied directly to further understanding the process of eutrophication and its impact on water quality in bodies of water around the world.

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