The Good, the Bad, and the Algae: Impacts of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Algal Growth and Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in a Water Source

Christina Eyman, Kelli Case, Brya D'Abrosca, Jeremy Kaplan


This paper is describing the effect of an increase in nutrients specifically that of nitrogen and phosphorus on algae growth and dissolved oxygen concentration. We hypothesize that an increased nitrogen and phosphorus concentration in water will allow for a higher growth rate of algae and certain types of bacteria that feed on the algae. This will decrease the amount of oxygen available in the environment for other organisms as they respire. To test this, we will be using one sample of a body of water from a model ecosystem that was provided and adding nitrogen and phosphorus and analyzing the dissolved oxygen concentration over a week. Because eutrophication decreases biodiversity, this will allow for the slowing or possible reversal of this issue (Hoefnagels, 2015).

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