The Effects of Size and Gravid Spot on mating preferences of Poecilia reticulata

Audrey Dagnell, Stephanie Bloom, Jonathan Albers


The CS3F or Center for Study of Sexual Selection in Fishes has studied the sexual selection in Poecilia reticulata, or guppies. Previous research has shown that male guppies prefer larger females due to their ability to produce larger amounts of offspring, also known as fecundity. Gravid spots, which is an indicator that a female has successfully given birth previously, is also found to attract males. We hypothesized that the male would spend more time on the side with the larger female model with the gravid spot then the standard size model with gravid spot. We ran a total of ten 5-minute trials with a control and timed how often the guppies were on each side as well as how many courtship displays were shown to each model. Our hypothesis was mostly supported by our trials.

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