Climate Change is here, Will Your Relative Mass Save You?

Jessica Tyler, Kendall Wilson-Henson, Owen Standish, Michael Cobbs


In this paper we test the correlation between temperature and body mass and what effect this correlation has on the badgers well-being and life style (French, 2014). This question has not adequately been answered because most people have focused on just surface area to volume ratio and not the aspects that contrite to this ratio such as volume or mass. In our experiment we focus on volume and mass of the clay and the effects that temperature has on the clay. To accomplish this we had three groups of two cubes each and each group was a different mass. From there we took each group and introduced one of the clay cubes to heat and the other to a colder temperature. The key impact of our research was to prove why badgers vary in size depending on the biome that they live in.


Surface-Area, Body Mass, Climate

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