Miracle Gro or Miracle No: How Different Concentrations of Miracle Gro’s Miracid Affect the Growth of Chlorella Vulgaris

Hannah Biles, Avery Ethridge, Molly Berry, Jonathan Albers


This investigation may contribute to the use of Chlorella vulgaris as a biofuel, and explores the different factors that contribute to algae growth. More specifically, we formed our hypothesis around the idea that the addition of a fertilizer at a lower concentration would be more beneficial towards algae growth than an excessive amount of fertilizer. Therefore, we tested the growth rates of algae in solutions of low, moderate, and high concentrations of Miracid twice in order to gain more trials to better support our findings. We found that a lower amount of Miracid showed the most consistent amount of growth at a higher rate than the higher amounts. However, these results could have been skewed due to Miracle Gro’s discontinuation of Miracid.

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