Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Rate Correlation with Monosaccharide, Disaccharide, and Polysaccharide

Emma Lathem, Ethan McCay, Brooklyn Mason, Alora Tompson, Ryan Grewe


The purpose of this study was to determine whether yeast had the highest fermentation rate when mixed with dextrose (monosaccharide), sucrose (disaccharide), or starch (polysaccharide). The Undergraduate Journal of Biology Laboratory Investigations wants to understand the optimum ingredients for bread production. Fermentation plays a significant role in the food industry, as higher levels allow for a quicker-rising component in products. Our hypothesis was that sucrose would have the highest fermentation levels. To test this, we collected data for the CO2 levels present in the yeast after adding each sugar type to the individual mixtures. Our findings conveyed the trend that sucrose, commonly known as “table sugar”, was the optimal sugar to use in yeast to promote more efficient baking times.

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