The Effect of Color and Size on Male Guppy [Poecilia reticulata] Mating Preferences

Cheridan Shepherd, Megan Roach, Aurora Statsman, Max Stadler, Cassandra Bratcher, Jack Taylor


Mate choice is often based on multiple traits and can be influenced by many factors. Understanding the importance of these traits and factors plays a key role in understanding the mate choice of male guppies [Poecilia reticulata]. We tested the effect that size and color had on the mate choice of male P. reticulata. We did this by going through a database of previous experiments and compiling these results to form our own conclusions. We found that the male guppies preferred brighter colors in their mates, but could not compile enough data on the sizes to come to an accurate result. This could be used in the future to establish colonies of the Poecillidae family in places where they could benefit human settlements by eating mosquitos that may be carrying deadly diseases. 

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