Temperature’s Effect on Metabolic Rates in Gromphadorhina portentosa

Regan Walker, Carson Westberg, Trent Nolan Tice, Camry Nicole Teasley, Andrea Gensky


Temperature does play a role in metabolic rate, and experimentation can show us exactly how. With the assistance of four Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, we were able to measure the fluctuation of carbon dioxide levels in the presence of three different temperatures. Our hypothesis is that lower temperatures will present higher carbon dioxide levels than the other temperatures. By using a control group of 24.8°C, an increased temperature of 28.6°C, and a decreased temperature of 20.9°C, we can test how the metabolic rates of the cockroaches change with the thermal shift. We quickly found that the results aligned with our hypothesis for the low temperature. As the chamber cooled down, the CO2 levels rose to help them maintain internal body temperature, but as for the high temperature, CO2 output decreased because they did not need to use as much energy to maintain this internal temperature.

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