Surface Area to Volume Ratio Impacts the Rate of Cooling Within Large and Small Animals

Lisa Le, Ivan Flores, Michaela Ellis, Chathurika Henpita


Living organisms endure the influence of their surface area to volume ratio in regards to temperature. Within our investigation, we are observing the differences that small and larger individuals encounter upon gaining or losing heat.  In our experiment we tested the rate of gained and lost heat.  We tested this with the materials available in the Life Sciences West laboratory (LSW).  We placed each cube into a bucket filled with ice and after we wrapped them both with a heating pad.  While conducting this experiment we concluded that the smaller cube heated up faster than the larger cube.  We ultimately came to the conclusion that the smaller badger would have to retain an amount of food equivalent to its body weight in order to replace the lost heat so they can regain their energy (McMahon 1).

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