The Effect of Color on the Mating Selection of Poecilia Reticulata

Madelynn Davis, Eliana Fuller, Claire Carver, Owen Edwards


Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) have various morphological differences along coloring and size. Guppies choose their mates based on these and other factors. In our study we are using the CS3F database to mate conclusions based on the data that was gathered previously. We are comparing the red and purple guppy to the warm grey guppy as the control. Our hypothesis is that the female guppy will spend more time and display more mating behaviors with the red guppy compared to the warm grey, because the color red has the longest wavelength so the fish would be able to see it the best. Red’s wavelength is 620-750 mm, purple’s is 450-495 mm. We found that the male guppies spent more time on the side of the tank on average with the purple guppy, but we also observed that the males displayed more mating behaviors while with the red guppy. This is different to our hypothesis because the male spent more time with the purple guppy. Our alternate hypothesis was shown to be false.

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