Sexual Selection in Male Guppies

Jenevieve Higgins, Brittany Kruse, lindsey stonegrabr, Jonny riggs, Medelin Kant


 This experiment was done to test which attributes of a modeled female guppy male guppies (Poecilia reticulate) are attracted to during sexual selection. Due to lack of studies on male guppies and their mating choices, this experiment would provide more information into male guppy studies. In each study, two 3-D models, blue and orange, were used to replicate a female guppy to determine what color and size attracted male guppies. Each group was tested on five different male guppies to determine the average amount of reactions and time spent on either side to the female models by the male guppies. In conclusion we failed to reject the null. Although more time was spent with the orange model, more mating behaviors were exhibited towards the blue model.

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