Pretty in Pink: Effects of pink Himalayan salt on Saccharomyces cerevisiae Metabolism

Micah Miles, Keeley Warder, Chase Buckner, Caleb St. Cyr, Meghan Martin


Salt is both a tool for culinary craft and industry, but also a variable that may both balance and alter the stability of specific functions in both micro- and macro-organisms. Previous studies show that high concentrations of normal table salt (NaCl) had an inhibiting effect on yeast reproduction. Switching out regular table salt for Pink Himalayan Salt, we observed if it will have the same effects on Saccharomyces cerevisiae. To test this, two different amounts of pink Himalayan salt (PHS) were added to a mixture of yeast solution to evaluate the effect of salt concentration and fermentation. These tests proved that a small amount of PHS can decrease reproduction significantly, while a larger amount of PHS can increase the rate of change relative to when little or no PHS is present. This can be used to show how PHS may prove to be ideal in culinary craft and industry.

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