Affecting Factors in Guppy Mate Preference

Donald Bouchereau, kali Wakefield, Michaela Allison, Edward Bird


It is hypothesized that color and size are affecting factors in guppy mate preference. This is due to the attraction to vibrant colors. Because large female guppies are believed to be more successfully reproductive, size is also a depending factor in male preference (Gasparotto et al. 2011). A series of tests were run, using three different male guppies, and varying 3D print guppy models paired with a control. One male guppy was placed in the designated fish tank at a time, and two 3D guppy models were lowered into the tank. Observations were taken on behavior including sigmoids, fin fanning, Gonopodial swings, biting, and interaction time with models. The results of this experiment show that the male guppies had a slight preference for the large, colorful 3D models in comparison to the control. Due to a side bias in two of the guppies, however, some data was not statistically significant. It was concluded from this experiment that our hypothesis was partially supported. Further experimentation would need to be carried out in order to verify data.

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