Guppy Love: Physical Attributes in Guppies and the Effect They Have on Mating Patterns

Schyler Keating, Victoria Lynn Martin, Jacqualyn Ketchem, Sherifatt Nichols, Rawan Eleshy, Cassandra Dowds


 Guppy mating patterns are easily identified making them prime subjects to observe sexual preference in fish. Many physical features influence a guppy’s choice of mate. These include color, size, and shape. The presence of a gravid spot, which indicates the fertility and pregnancy status of a female, has some bearing on the attraction of a male guppy. We hypothesize that a male will show greatest preference to a female of average size, orange color, and the presence of a gravid spot. Our methods follow those outlined in the French 2015 edition lab manual. The results did not support our hypothesis. The male guppy did not show significant preference for either the control or experimental female models used. Tank bias and environmental stress could have been factors in our results.

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