How to Choose a Guppy Mate

Shelby Dickerson, Macey Baber, Shelby Brown, Angelo Panditharathna


 Guppies, Poecilia reticulata, have previously been observed presenting many behaviors that show their mating preferences. These behaviors consist of a variety of different body movements and time spent on various sides of the tank.  In this study, we observed the sexual selection of a male guppy with different colored female models. The hypothesis coming into the experiment was that the male guppies would be more attracted to the female models that had bright colors. The control group used in the experiment was a guppy model that was gray in color, and showed no eye catching colors. After presenting a male guppy with several different color choices, the conclusion was established that the male preferred the dull colored female guppy models to the brightly colored female guppy models. The male guppy seemed to be more engaged, and spent more time on the side of the tank that had the control female guppy model (gray) present. Several circumstances, including side preference or noise distractions, could have impacted the male guppy’s female selection. However, the hypothesis for the experiment was not supported due to the male guppy’s preference toward the gray colored female guppy models.

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