Gravid Spot effects of Orange Females on Male Mating Behavior in Guppies

Amanda Upton, Nathan Taylor, Anna Ritchie, Cheyenne Salyer


In an attempt to discover new information about how female color and the presence of a gravid spot affect male courtship behaviors, we looked at how male guppies reacted to different 3D models in timed trials. Specifically we looked for behaviors such as Sigmoid Behavior, Fin fanning, Biting, and Gonopodal Swings. The initial test was run in a large lab group setting, and focused primarily on color. The results showed that the male spent the most time near the orange fish and thus this fish attracted him the most. Our other studies built off of this information as we studied whether an orange fish with or without a gravid spot would attract the male more. Just as we had expected, we  found that the model without the gravid spot caused the male to display many more mating behaviors than the fish with the gravid spot did.   

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