Does the Appearance of Female Poecilla Reticulata Matter to Male Mating Attraction?

Elizabeth Echols, Shelby Ellicott, Kevin Ferrentino, Scott Goeppner


Male guppies maximize their fitness by using color and size cues to assess female quality. In this experiment we test to see whether males are more reliant on color, size, as measures of female quality. The male guppy did not show a defined preference in the female guppy. Results in this experiment were unsupportive by results. Conduct this experiment, we placed a random male guppy in the tank and set one plastic fish, our control, on one side and one manipulated, plastic fish on the other side. We then timed the guppy for a respected duration to see which fish they preferred and his actions. Our results indicate little to no significance between male guppies preferring large or small female guppies.

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