A Change in Metabolic Rates of Mice as Temperatures Rise and Fall

Zachary Taylor, Kyle Taylor, Justin Agan


Our objective in this lab is to find a record the metabolic rate of mice at room temperature as well as a range of hot to cold temperatures. In doing so this is going to help us to better understand how organisms react and use their fatty reserves when being shipped in a shipping container, along with letting us know what temperature better suits our organism while in shipping. When placing these organisms in a shipping container with a high temperature, it will inevitably decrease their metabolic rate. We believe this will happen due to the way the animal has to convert its fat storage into energy. To begin this experiment we will be taking 3 mice all of which will be tested at the same temperature whether it be hot or cold. The first set of data comes from being in a shipping container with a temperature of 39.5 °C. With multiple tests run we are going to be better able to see what the difference in the metabolic rate of our organisms will be. 

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