Induced Cell Culture Stress on A10 Cells Due to Changes in Media Conditions and Calcium Influx

Yeniffer Arguello, Jacqueline S. McLaughlin


The purpose of this research is to observe and analyze the growth patterns of smooth muscle cells derived from the thoracic aorta of an embryonic rat, Rattus norvegicus (A10 cell line) using one control group and two nutritionally stressed and overcrowded experimental groups. The control group had its media changed every three days while the two experimental groups experienced no media change over the duration of the experiment (10 days). One of the two experimental groups was exposed to the calcium ionophore A23187. Cellular morphology, confluency, viability, and concentration were observed and analyzed on a daily basis. Analysis of the data revealed that the viability of the A10 cells decreased in the unchanged RPMI media, while the addition of calcium ionophore A23187 to the cell growth media further negatively impacted their growth dynamics (i.e., reduced lag and log growth phases and accelerated death phase). Additionally, ionophore treated A10 cells assumed a spherical shape and experienced the death phase almost immediately. It is reasoned that A10 cells were not able to support their nutritional needs due to the declining and limited nutrient sources, and that nitrogenous waste build-up may have also been lethal.

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