O2 Consumption, Metabolic Rate, and Temperature

Andrea Ford, Katherine Guest, Kaliope McGuire, Ryan Sherman


: 02 consumption is important, and necessary, when calculating metabolic rate to see why in certain temperatures animals eat more or less. The purpose of this experiment is to see the differences in metabolic rates for ectotherms (crickets) and endotherms (mice), and compare them.  In our study we compared mice and crickets by measuring their 02 consumption and metabolic rate at room temperature and at a higher temperature of 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 degrees Fahrenheit). In our methods, we used room temperature and higher temperature to compare the 02 consumption per minute per gram to find the metabolic rate for both mice and crickets. Our results did not support our hypothesis for either specimen because at a higher temperature the mice had a higher metabolic rate, and crickets had a lower metabolic rate at a higher temperature. In the discussion we noticed a discrepancy between our hypothesis and results. 

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