The Effect of Animal Size on Suitable Climate

Katy Ewing, Lauren Flynn, John Brennan Garner, Michael Cobbs


Different climates feature different typical sizes of animals. The question this presents is, what is the effect of an area’s climate on the size of its inhabitants? Some organisms that are grouped together as a species might be better grouped with others that are more similar in size and shape. (French, 2014) Our idea is that species of a certain size tend to group together in environments that they are suited to, as their sizes allow for them to manage their body heat accordingly. We conducted an experiment testing the temperature adjustments of different sizes of animals, modeled by clay cubes. This research should provide a concrete answer to our question.

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French, D. 2014. Investigating Biology: A Laboratory Resource Manual. 2014 Editon. Fourtainhead Press: Fort Worth.


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