Keeping the Heat: Surface Area to Volume Ratio's Effect on a Badger's Ability to Maintain Internal Temperature as Tested on Clay Spheres

Katelyn Robinson, Cade Morris, Jenica Lee, Michael Cobbs


Animals of the same species are found to be different sizes depending upon the climate in which they live. The sizes vary with the climate for a reason currently unknown by believed to be caused by the need to regulate internal temperature. Though data has been collected on various species of badgers in different locations, the reason for these variations have not been explained. The size differs with the climate due to the animal's need to maintain their internal temperature. Various sized spheres of clay were subjected to the same internal temperature and then measured as to how well they maintained this temperature. This research will explain why certain animals are certain sizes in different environments.

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French, Donald P. 2014. Investigating Biology, 2014. Fountainhead Press, Southlake, Texas.


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