Effects of Algae Growth in Different Light Exposure

Sarah Brunson, Jacquelynn Cheatham, Jonna Clayton, Teresa Bailey, Angelo Panditharathna


Algae under full light exposure will result in more growth because photosynthesis is able to occur most efficiently. In this experiment we tested to see how different amounts of light exposure effected the amount of algae growth. We covered four different photobioreactors with varying amounts of foil on each one. The foil was used to control the amount of light exposure affecting the photobioreactors. As a result, the photobioreactors varied in algae growth depending on the amount of light to which it was exposed. The photobioreactor with full exposure to light (control group) resulted in the most algae growth. Due to the unlimited light exposure, photosynthesis was able to occur more efficiently compared to the photobioreactors with limited light

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