Male Guppies do not Display Attraction Toward Large, Blue 3D Printed Females, Regardless of Gravid Spot Presence

Marissa Fennell, Casady Fuzzell, Kelli Haworth, Meelyn Pandit


Guppies respond differently to different colors, sizes, and physical factors. According to previous research male guppies respond positively to both blue and large fish models. We hypothesize that females which are blue and large with gravid spots will cause male guppies to spend more time in their interest zones than guppies of the same size and color without gravid spots, because gravid spots are an indicator of pregnancy and therefore fertility. After testing 5 fish for 5 minutes each with the fish models, we found that the male guppies spent more time in the neutral zone which did not contain a model. This data does not support our hypothesis, as males did not display attraction to either of the models. This is contrary to previous studies.


guppy; sexual attraction; 3D Model; gravid spot; large; blue

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