The Effect of Female Gravid Spot on Male Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) Mating Choice

Jessica Tyler, Hannah Schott, Owen Standish, Michael Cobbs


 The key impact of this research inquiry was to gain a better understanding of how male guppy mating tendencies differ among varying size, color and gravid spot visibility. Our subject matter for this specific experiment was to determine how often live male guppies displayed mating tendencies to two model guppies of the same size and color, one with a visible gravid spot and one without a gravid spot. This inquiry was tested through careful experimentation in this exploration, more specifically by comparing two different 3D printed female model guppies in place of live female guppies. Our research concluded that the male guppies did display more mating tendencies towards the experimental model female guppies and did tend to prefer to spend the most time on the side of the tank with the experimental female guppy 


gravid spot, guppy, mating tendencies

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