How Size and Color of Females Affect Male Courtship in Guppies

Nina Kazarian, Holly Long, Jacob May, Chathurika Henpita


Poecilia reticulata, or guppies, pursue mates frequently and much research has been done evaluating their sexual selection. This study evaluates how male guppies choose their mates by manipulating the size and color of model female guppies. The research was conducted through observations of a male guppy’s courtship when a model female guppy was placed in the tank. The research shown reveals that the guppies in this experiment demonstrated a tendency to choose mates based on coloring, with bright orange being the most favorable. Our different 3D models of guppies used in this experiment allow the experimenter to identify and control certain characteristics of the guppies in order to identify differences in their mating habits, thus contributing to the body of work about the mating habits of Poecilia reticulata.

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