Temperature Induced Metabolic Rate Variance in Acheta domestica

Alexis Williams, Abagail Rideout, Monica Shipman, Dalton Matt Vyrostek, Brooke Hoover


Thermoregulation affects metabolic rate and behavior of ectotherms creating an increase in CO2 emission and a change in behavior. Past studies have shown that CO2 emission of A. domestica varies when the organisms are exposed to different temperatures, however, previous work has failed to address behavioral and mechanical actions together. We have addressed both CO2 emission and behavioral activity. In this experiment, we placed the A. domestica in environments of 21 degree Celsius, 24 degree Celsius, and 27 degree Celsius. We recorded the CO2 emission levels and the behavior of the A. domestica for an eight minute period. We conducted three trials at each given temperature. Our control group was the group placed at 24 degree Celsius which correlated as room temperature. We found that CO2 emission varies more when organisms are exposed to different temperatures while behavior remained relatively consistent within our experimental groups.

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