Shivering Crickets: Thermoregulation in Ectotherms at Varying Temperatures

Merissa Bailey, Braxton Curliss, Ethan Garret Cutler, Shane Hohn


Organisms use thermoregulation to alter their metabolic rate at varying temperatures (Addo-Bediako et al 2002). We wanted to conduct this experiment to gain a better understanding of the subject of thermoregulation. In addition to this, we wanted to test if ectotherms are actually affected by their ambient temperature. To test our hypothesis, we placed ten crickets in three different temperatures: warm, room, and cold. Then we proceeded to measure the amount of carbon dioxide that was expelled in each environment. Our results showed to be skewed from the hypothesis, meaning that the change in temperature did not necessarily mean that a change in the respiration rate would occur. 



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