Are the O2 and CO2 sensors used by JIBI investigators reliable

Mary Maupin, Edie Kyle, Casey Johnson, Evan Girard, Cosmo Binegar, Scott Goeppner


The accuracy of papers written by Journal of Introductory Biology students is largely based on the correctness of the CO2 and O2 sensors used in their experiments. In order to test the reliability of the sensors we performed five trials utilizing the sensors to measure CO2 and O2 content in a small bio chamber with and without cockroaches present. We expected to find unreliable results from the probes. We expected that the rates would fluctuate with and without roaches present in the chamber. We found that the 02 sensors were more in line with our predictions than the CO2 sensor. However, we were not entirely correct, as the 02 sensors did not show any difference in fluctuation with or without cockroaches. This tells us that while both sensors are not entirely inaccurate, any trials using the 02 sensors may not be entirely correct. Another factor could be the sample size chosen. A larger sample size should be chosen to offset the deficiencies in the O2 probes.

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