Hot and Cold; How Temperature Affects Movement and Respiration Rates in Crayfish

Thomas Nash, Maliik Hanson, Rachel Nowak, Morgan Miller, Cosmo Binegar, Scott Goeppner


In ectotherms, there is a general trend between warmer temperatures and higher metabolic rates. We wanted to see if this also held true for movement and respiration rates relative to temperature in aquatic ectotherm. The purpose of this study was to test whether temperature and respiration in crayfish increased as water temperature increased. We hypothesized that respiration and movement would increase as water temperature increased and decrease with lower water temperatures. We measured movement across quadrants, and dissolved oxygen to measure movement and respiration to compare the results to our hypothesis. Our research also went along with other tested research previously done by other scientists. We inferred that they move more because the temperature is more suitable for movement and muscle and blood flow. Their respiration increases as movement increases. The smaller ones also showed more movement and respiration rates, we hypothesis this to be because they had more room to move around the bio chamber.

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