Higher Temperatures Affect the Production of CO2 in Yeast

Diana G. Soriano, Alison Thomas, Renee Snodgrass, Chance Wimmer, Christina Anaya


Through the process of fermentation, yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) converts sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide (Thomsom et al. 2005). Having different temperatures, oxygen and alcohol concentration have an effect on the yeast’s enactment (D’Amore 1992). With the observation that CO2 Production in yeast is affected by temperature the hypothesis was formed. We hypothesized yeast would produce more CO2 in warmer temperatures. This hypothesis was tested with proper equipment and multiple trials. Upon completion of these trials, there was a clear trend between CO2 production of yeast and temperature. Yeast mixtures at the higher temperature was found to produce significantly more CO2 than that at ambient temperature, thus proving our hypothesis.

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