Examining the Validity of Results and Methods in Similar Studies

Kaden Kennedy, Matt Liao, Amber Grant, Jonathan Andrew McCaslin, Ryan Koch


It should be noted that when trials occur, many people have various views and decisions about how to do specific experiment. This is important because if the experiments are not run correctly then it will result in error. Oftentimes human error, equipment error, or environmental error have impacts affecting the collection of data. Yeast growth in the presence of dextrose has been recorded throughout multiple experiments by student in JIBI. Though the same reagents within the solution were identical, the results of growth significantly varied among the same experiment between lab sections and groups. How can findings be useful to the scientific community if the results are not consistent? In order to test this, we measured the amount of variation in yeast growth in the presence of dextrose by comparing 5 identical trials to each other using 3 different ethanol probes. After comparing the means and standard errors, we concluded that the ethanol probes did not produce statistically different results. Therefore, mechanical error can be eliminated from the possible types of error produced.

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