Amount of Ethanol Produced by Yeast Based on Different Concentrations of Sucrose

Caleb Schroeder, Kaylee Jackson, Laramie Scott, Anna Sanderson, Tyler Ryan


Yeast has been used industrially for many years. A main use for yeast is through bread making. Yeast requires energy to rise, and can obtain that energy from sugars. We hypothesize that higher levels of sucrose concentration will help the yeast in our solution grow faster than lower sucrose concentrations. In this experiment, we will measure this concept by paying close attention to the ethanol rate produced off of the yeast through the fermentation process in eight different sucrose concentrations. We discovered that the .5 grams and 1.5 grams of sucrose created the greatest amount of growth within the yeast. We support our hypothesis, based off of the One Way Anova Test which showed that our data was statistically significant.

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