Chlorella de Vil Algae Takeover: Effect Turbulence on Chlorella

Mingzheng Yang, Rylee Craycraft, Natalie Andrews, Brenna Crossno, Sarah Hileman


Consider three bodies of water: a briskly flowing stream, a river with a slow moving rate of movement, and a lake. Which ones typically contain more surface algae? The lazy river and the lake. What causes the algal production difference in these fresh water systems?  The distribution of light energy, oxygen, and nutrients can determine overall algae production. The more concentrated the presence of these factors, the more algal cell growth. However, speed turbulence created by the agitation can be harmful to the cell. This experiment is thus designed to investigate how agitation speed effects the growth of Chlorella. Experimentation consisted of varied stimulation to the Chlorella to provide a representative effect of water movement in nature. The data collected showed that the slow moving water sample appeared to support the best environment for Chlorella growth, not supporting our hypothesis, but providing interesting information that can and should be further explored.  

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