Replication of Algae Due to Ammonia

Trace McWhirt, Brittney Mackey, Monica Marrs, Danielle Perryman


This experiment is covering the effects of Nitrogen on algal growth. In fertilizers, nitrogen is a very commonly used element because it helps to promote plant growth. We hypothesized that when NH3 is added to algae from Lake Hefner that the growth rate will be directly affected with increasing amount of Nitrogen. In order to test this we took samples of water from Lake Hefner, which naturally contained algae; then added different concentrations of Ammonia, which contains a high level of Nitrogen. Using a Spectrometer, we measured the light absorption of the solutions after they rested for 10 minutes.  The results were only halfway in accordance with our hypothesis, which was that the absorbance would be higher when the nitrogen levels were at 80%. Instead the absorbance was highest when only small amounts of ammonia were added.

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