Light me up!: Observing algae growth under different lights

Aleyna Worley, Brent Uriarte, Kalen Youtsey, Jenna Williams, Shannon Beck


Algae are found in all aquatic systems and are major components of the first trophic level (French 2016). In order for algae to survive photosynthesis is required (Crockett et al 2016). We chose to observe how algae grew in different types of light. We measured the algae growth based on the change of dissolved oxygen. After running two trials our data suggested in the first trial that was ran for two weeks algae grew better in white light compared to natural light and red light. While in the second trial that ran for one week natural light and red light grew better than white light. Due to the inconsistent results more experiments would have to be conducted in order to explain the variants in algae growth under different lights.

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