The Effects of Phosphorus and Nitrogen on Algae Growth

Jordan Fraase, Marie Harris, Austin Greaves, Felicia Osburn


We are testing how different elements affect the growth of algae. We hypothesize that Phosphorus (P) will have a greater effect on the growth of algae over time. We have four groups, one control and three experimental, all of the groups have the same water source from the Dolese outlet in Oklahoma City, OK. The control group has no added elements. Out of the three experimental groups, one contains P, another includes nitrogen (N), and the last has both P and N combined. We counted the algae cells and let them sit for two weeks. After that time, we recounted and compared the amount of algae that had been growing. One week later we counted them once again; overall this was a four week process. Our data showed that the combination of P and N had the greatest effect on the algae growth.

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