I Can See the Lights: How Light Affects Algae Growth

Zach Bowen, Danielle Bitsche, allison hanna


Algae are organisms that depend on photosynthesis to carry on through life. The process of photosynthesis is performed with the presence of sunlight and the wavelengths given along with the sunlight. For our experiment we are testing the algae growth among red light, blue light, high intensity light, room light, and no light. We measured the cell growth of each condition first after a two week period and then after a one week period. We hypothesize that the high intensity light will yield the best results because it provides every wavelength of the color spectrum resulting in greater growth. After running three trials we found that the blue light and room light were overall the most successful in cell growth. The major differences shown throughout the results could be due to mistakes made during the trials.

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