The Effect of pH on Dissolved Oxygen Levels and Algal Growth

Brittany Borochoff, Nicole Campbell, Cale Corley, Sarah Bounds


Different types of aquatic life require different pH levels in order to survive. Algae is known to survive best in high levels of pH, but too much algal growth is known to reduce the light that reaches the lower depths where algae and other plants grow the most. In order to discover if water with high pH encourages more algal growth than water with low pH, we conducted an experiment using three different samples of water from an outlet at Dolese Park. One tube of water with nothing added, one tube of water with ammonia added, and one tube of water with lemon juice added. We allowed them to grow for 1-2 weeks. We found that the sample that included ammonia resulted in more algal growth. This concludes that water with a higher pH level promotes algal growth. 

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