Effects of Multimodal Presentation on Mating Responses in Male Guppies

Jacqueline Bauer, John Burton, Brianna Bauer, Kyle Christopher, Rachel Ritchie


In this experiment, we test the effect that female guppy movement and color (Poecilia reticulata) has on the mating activity of the male. We hypothesize that the combination of movement and bright color of female fish models will provoke a greater mating response from the male guppy. In our experiment, we used a divided tank (split in to three sections) to test male guppy mating preferences on mobile and immobile female fish models that varied in color. We measured the sections where the male guppy spent most of his time, as well as recorded when the fish would perform specific mating tactics. We found in our experiment that the male guppy spent a greater amount of time and performed more mating behaviors in the side of the tank with colorful, female models one a fishing line (showing movement). Although our hypothesis was supported, we would like to spend more time, further investigating this subject in order to show more significant results.

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