Shine Bright: Male Guppies Are Attracted to Bright Colored Female Guppies

Naomi Romero, Lydia Jones, Mandalyn Moore, Hannah Mitchell, Bobby Bowser


In this investigation we are determining the factors that affect mate selection in male guppies. Some aspects of the female guppies, such as color, can determine which males are attracted to them. We went further into this experiment by testing to find which colors and sizes attract male guppies and entice them to make certain behaviors towards the decoys. We used different sets of decoys in five minute intervals and recorded the data we collected. We hypothesized that guppies are more attracted to brighter and larger sized mated. Our data partially supported our hypothesis by proving that the guppies are more attracted to colored mates, however our data found that they are more attracted to normal sized mates, not large.

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