Shining a Light on Sexual Selection in Guppies: Low Wavelengths of Light Affect Male Guppy Preference

Samantha Whisnant, Hunter Tolliver, Erin Stoll, Payton Walters, Jillian Wormington


Male guppies mate choice varies based on several factors including size, coloration, light, and immunity. We are testing the effects of colored light on the sexual selection of male guppies. We predict that if a colored light is shining on the female fish, the male will be more likely to try to mate with that female. Using two control guppies placed at an equal depth and distance from each wall and a colored light randomly placed on the left or right side of the tank we tested this hypothesis. Our hypothesis was supported because the only mating behaviors recorded occurred on the side the colored light was present. Some continuing research could include changing the non-light fish to an orange color.

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