Comparing Iridescent Dark Blue Female Model Guppy to Solid Light Blue

Hayli Millea, Dillon Kerr, Rubiya Devasiachen, Briana McKee, Sarah Bounds


Guppies use mate choice in order to maximize fitness by producing the highest number of offspring. Although females have the overall choice, we are interested if males have a preference in females. In this experiment we alternated physical characteristics of a female guppy to see how it affects attractiveness to a male. To test this we presented the male with two 3D models, a dark sparkly blue and a light blue. We hypothesized that the male would prefer dark sparkly blue because the glitter would make an iridescent look, like a real fish. We presented these models to ten male guppies and recorded time spent near model and mating behaviors. Our hypothesis was unsupported. Male guppies showed more mating behaviors towards the light blue model.

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