Hide and Squeak: Why Metabolic Rates Differ in Seasonal Temperatures

Norma Liz Ramos, Katherine Lane Charles, Jordan Mackenzie Cazenave, Ryan W Koch


his study investigated that mice have higher metabolic rates in warmer environments than they do in colder environments. Studies have been administered to compare the different sizes of organisms. This experiment will focus on the expulsion of CO2 levels at different temperature including room temperature. The experiment will be tested in three trials with the first trial at 23 degrees Celsius, the second at 30 degrees Celsius, and the third at 15 degrees Celsius. The results of the experiment were expected to support our hypothesis although; the experiment resulted in the mice expelling more CO2 when placed in an environment cooled by ice than in an environment warmed by a heating pad. Contrary to our original hypothesis, the metabolic rate of the mice was in an elevated state in the cooled environment.

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