Red vs. Blue: Electromagnetic Frequencies in the Visible Light Spectrum and Their Effect on Ectotherms

Grace Fechner, Anna Hutnik, Franci Hernandez, Mylissa Stover


There are very few studies on how different colored lights affect ectotherms. In order to add more research, we designed an experiment to test if the electromagnetic frequencies of different color lights affect ectotherms, specifically mealworms and superworms. We used two different worms, a superworms and a mealworm. We observed each worm twelve times for a duration of 3 minutes each in red light, blue light, and fluorescent light. Our results show that the ectotherms moved more in the fluorescent light than both the red and blue light.


Ectotherms, Electromagnetic Frequency, Chromo Therapy, Color Therapy, Colored Lights

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