Mixing Yeast, Lactose, and Varying Amounts of Salt: Which will Produce the Highest Amount of CO2?

Alexandra Matthews, Miranda McKee, Kali Mallory, Caitlyn McDowell, Robert Bowser


Baker’s yeast is used in the production of different products in many industries. In our experiment, we tested the effect of different amounts of salt on baker’s yeast which led to our hypothesis being that the experimental group with the most amount of table salt added to the mixture will produce the lowest amount of CO2. We placed baker’s yeast, deionized water, Sodium Phosphate, lactose, and different amounts of salt in a small bio chamber to test the amount of CO2 produced. Our results were not conclusive because there was such a high amount of variability. With the proper equipment and more time, this study could be important to industries that use baker’s yeast to increase production rates of their products.

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